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No, he says again, and he never loses his smile as he explains it to me: "We can choose to get on this lovely Ferris wheel, have a nice relaxing ride, get in the stable car, enjoy the view, have a nice conversation—or we could have chosen to be wild and crazy and gotten on the Cyclone. I've ridden the Cyclone.", a year when none of us had the internet yet, some of us didn't even have VCRs—some of us, I fear, weren't even born yet?

He has been replaced by an affable fellow, also named Christian Slater, who smiles and listens and makes sure to get enough sleep and always goes to his meetings. I want to be clear that I am very happy for Christian Slater. We shared French fries and even ketchup and developed our own private jokes. Then this little high school satire called comes out, starring Winona Ryder, patron princess of disaffected late 1980s teenagers, and the guy who plays her boyfriend, a sociopathic clique-killer in a trench coat and sunglasses and drinking a Slushie, is dark and funny and radiates microwaves of danger-sex. He once doubled down on an IRL arrest by refusing to pull over during a police chase. —and so there were real barriers to finding the thing that every disaffected teenager so badly needs: a true subversive.“I do regret my words this morning,” he added, mentioning nothing about his own past.Christian Slater smiles big and bright, his cuspids rubbing across each other gently as he considers his next move. The Cyclone, it turns out, is a little too much for him. I watched that Christian Slater and became radicalized by him, or as radicalized as someone looking for a soul inside a movie theater could ever get. He tried to check a bag with a loaded gun through JFK security (pre-9/11, but still, this is why TSA exists, for these exact moments). (We were all very conflicted about whose side to be on.) He was as reckless and unhinged as a rebel without a cause should be.

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But this Christian Slater—this one showed up early for our first interview at the dog park near his house on the Upper West Side with his cute dog, whose action he would occasionally narrate in adorable doggie talk. He followed me on Twitter, all by himself, since he does his own social media.

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