Cjsr edmonton online dating

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Cjsr edmonton online dating

She started playing without the pressure in her mind of having to be good right away.

“It’s been a long process,” she injects with a laugh.

She was the merch girl for the band, and even appears in their documentary, Open Your Mouth and Say Chi Pig. I asked Penny who inspired her and she said, “Dave Rees of SNFU was an amazing drummer.

There weren’t any girl drummers to look up to at that time.” In 1989/1990, Penny became a vegetarian, sold her kit and moved to California to marry young.

I think he showed me how to read drums on sheet music, but I never followed up and don’t remember how.

That’s the only lesson I ever took.” This recollection was followed by a trademark endearing chuckle that peppers Penny’s conversational style.

Penny saw a lot of SNFU shows, being an Edmonton band; got to know them and has stayed in touch with them and other guys who played in the band over the years.In a 1999 interview, Penny said, “music has more to do with my life than anything.” Her first steps into a life of music seem humble, “I saw the Bay City Rollers when I was 7.” Penny’s teen years saw bands like SNFU, Down Syndrome and the Doughboys, carving an identity for punk in Canada, right in her home town.She recalls going to a lot of all-ages shows and remembers a few clubs where you could sneak into the back door.I met Penny for the first time on a rain drenched afternoon in Vancouver, BC.We met with a hug as opposed to a handshake, a sign I had sized up her inviting personality correctly during our first online introductions.

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Her first band would be formed with her sister, named the See Through Pickles.