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("Hey, guys — I'm going for flashes of brilliance today, so let's focus on exploring the unknown, shall we?") But this person sounded smart, and intellectually adventurous — things I aspire to be, but I'm not always sure I am.

When organizations have their employees take the Neuro Color Temperament Inventory and go through Neuro Color's training, they also have the option to give everyone four rubber blocks — in red, blue, green, and yellow — to represent the four brain systems.There aren’t many people ENTJs will completely open up to but ENFPs are one of the types that have the best chance of bringing the ENTJ out of its emotional shell.Many ENFPs believe they can do anything they set their mind to but for the purpose of this article let’s try to view it through MBTI theory and cognitive processes.Fisher and Labno drew from the Match questionnaire to create something similar for the workplace, which they call the Neuro Color Temperament Inventory.Organizations can pay Neurocolor to lead seminars with their employees and administer the questionnaire.

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Employees then discuss their results in teams and in individual coaching sessions.