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Bourbon ( The only gap on the western seaboard of Europe is Ourselves.There has been no move on this vessel,even though there has been an urgent requirement for many years,and the DOMNR has "identified" a requirement.(well done).The bottom line was that they would have a fleet pegged at 8 ships against the 15 required to successfully police Irelands quarter million square miles of underwater territory,and that the role of the Navy would be reduced.This is in spite of the sectionthat emphasises the "utilisation and development of the Naval Service to contribute to all of the states requirements in the maritime domain" Additionally the crews to man the Navys newest vessel, L. Roisin would have to come fron the existing figure agreed to man 7 ships.Harstad will undertake a variety of coastguard and Exclusive Economic Zone management roles.These include offshore standby and rescue, firefighting, salvage, and general law enforcement operations and fishery control. There is concern over the rapidly increasing oil tanker traffic from Russian ports along the coastline of northern Norway, with the risk of a disabled vessel grounding and causing an oil spill.If conditions are such that tankers are being washed onto Irelands west coast,you can be pretty sure they are doint the same in the Bay of Biscay, Dover straits and the North Sea. It took the ETV based in northern Scotland 26 hours to reach the damaged Canadian submarine. They would have a basic towing ability, same as every vessel, but to tow a 150,000 tonne stricken cargo ship away from the irish coast safely, you need a bit more than a 2000 tonne patrol vessel with a bit of rope attached to the pins.The UK has at least two dedicated ETVs at either end of the country at all times.

Personally I see an ETV as an Ideal CPV replacement.

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The UK have four ETV's which are on charter to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency.

The Straits of Dover ETV is jointley operated by both UK & French Coastguard.

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Norwegian Coast Guard vessel designed and equipped by Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce has provided the design and major equipment for a new Norwegian Coastguard multi-role vessel, named Harstad, built by Aker's Søviknes yard in west Norway based on steelwork from Aker Tulcea in Romania.

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