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Join FREE | About 101 Christian singles | Christian Chat | help | Real marriage testimonials! - well because myself founder of Fusion has spent many a long hour behind my old computer - so that Christians could finally get a decent (I like to say were the best!!

Established in London in early 1999 - 101 is the ultimate free online Christian singls and penpals site genuinely for Christians. ) service and not pay through the nose to meet new Christians.

Why was this gruesome portal erected on one of London's tallest hills?

The short answer is that it replaced an earlier set of jawbones that had eroded to the point of collapse. The namesake house is a half-century older, however, so the tradition may stretch further back.

We walked right past on our first attempt to find it.

Pass through this unusual gateway and you find yourself on a drive down to a Grade II listed 19th century house, itself called The Whalebones, standing in Whalebone Park.

The regulars and staff are nice and friendly, and the only reason I don't go there more often now is that we had to move away.

Christians in the UK have never had a particularly good deal when it comes to being single - most churches in the UK don't even acknowledge a singles issue let alone try to hold any get-togethers events or help them out.

Walks, days out, dinners, bars, restaurants - you name it.

76 years on from their erection, the bones are still holding strong.

Cracked in places, and carpeted in moss, they are easily mistaken for tree trunks.

The church does seem not to want to upset the Christian singles and the singles are too embarrassed to admit a need.

A need for single Christians in London and generally?

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This pair of jaw bones on Wood Street have a combined weight of a ton-and-a-half.