Used vw campervans for sale in essex

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Used vw campervans for sale in essex

You spoke to an operator who seemed genuine and answered all your questions credibly.You also went onto the chat link on the email and this was convincing, too.Having paid the invoice you flew from Gatwick to Aberdeen with your wife to collect the van intending to drive it back.

You reported the fraud to Action Fraud and you say you were told that five other people had fallen for the same ad.I saw an ad for a camper van for sale in Aberdeen and made contact with the seller through e Bay. I had a generic email from e Bay that said "do not deal outside e Bay" as they wouldn't be responsible. The next day I logged onto e Bay and the ad had been removed.e Bay put me in touch with this fraudster in the first place and is not helping now things have gone wrong.Scams of this ilk, which target people who are trying to buy vehicles, have been a scourge for a long time.

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  1. Personally I see an ETV as an Ideal CPV replacement. They have other priorities at the moment,replacing the P20 Class with an OPV that will see them through another 30 years of being Ignored by the Government finances,and nobody in Government is pushing the ETV idea too hard.